Additional statistics

Use the section of additional statistics graphs located on the right of the detailed statistics page to analyze the audience's activity, how much time is spent reading a message, and other related data.

Click on the necessary section in the block to view the graph.

  • Average percentage of the message viewed shows which part of the message users read.

  • Average time spent reading a message shows how much time is spent reading the message.

  • Average time until reading shows how much time passes from when the message is received until it is read.

  • Audience activity shows what time of day users most often read your messages.

  • Audience interests shows the audience's gender, age, income, and affinity index.
    More information about the affinity index

    The affinity index is an indicator of how much a subject interests recipients of this mailing compared to recipients of other mailings:

    • A value close to 100% indicates that your target audience's interest in the topic does not differ from the average for other mailings.
    • If the affinity index significantly exceeds 100%, you can be certain that subject corresponds to your audience's interests. For example, an index of 200% for a mailing about cars (auto) means that recipients of this mailing are twice as interested in auto-related subjects than all recipients of online mailings as a whole, and this mailing will be relevant for them.