General statistics for all messages

Attention. You'll only see statistics when your mailing contains at least 100 emails. These emails may have:
  • the same subject
  • the same sender
  • the same List-id
  • be received during the same day

Select the domain you need from the 'My Domains' list in order to view statistics for all messages on it.

The total number of sent messages is displayed for each mailing, as well as the percentage of read, unread, and deleted messages, as well as spam.

The most effective mailing is marked in the list with the icon, while the least effective is marked with the icon.

You can group mailings by subject, sender ('From'), date, or List-id (the mailing ID number) in order to manage them more easily.

Post Office allows you to search in the list of mailings. You can find a mailing by the sender's address, domain name, or the mailing's subject.