Phone number issues

“Invalid number format”

The phone number must be entered in the following format (+1 is the code for the USA):

“Telephone number blocked”

Phone numbers are temporarily blocked after sending the confirmation code. After adding a phone number, wait for the SMS with the code, or try requesting it again a few hours later.

Confirmation codes do not expire. No matter when you receive the code, you can always return to the Phone numbers page and enter it.

Confirmation code has not been delivered

Possible reasons:

  • The system has not yet processed the SMS (the maximum delivery time is 24 hours).

  • Your phone is turned off or does not have a signal.

  • You entered the wrong phone number. Make sure that you entered the country code correctly: +1 is the code for the USA.

    You can find codes for other countries on Yandex.

  • Yandex cannot send SMS messages to your mobile operator.

If you don't use a mobile phone or Yandex doesn't send SMS's to your service provider, you can change your password using an alternate email address or by answering the security question.

What should I do if I got a message about my phone number being added, changed, or deleted?

If you are the one trying to do something with your main number, just ignore the message. For security reasons, Yandex sends email and SMS notifications about all operations.

If you got a notification unexpectedly, this means that someone got access to your account. Don't worry: you can easily restore access to your account using your main phone number. Without access to your phone, the hacker cannot delete or change the associated phone number for 30 days. During this time, you can:

  1. Restore account access and change your password.

    Go to the Forgot your password? link and follow the Yandex.Passport instructions: Get a restore code and set a new password (when choosing a password, use our recommendations).

  2. Cancel the deletion or change the main number on the Phone numbers page.

My confirmation code has been sent to another person's number

Your code may be sent to another person if you entered their number by mistake or are unlinking an old number that you no longer have access to (and could have passed to a new owner).

Your account is under no threat at all: a hacker cannot access your account if they only have your telephone number and confirmation code.