Some operation occurred involving my phone number

Someone tried to change or delete the phone number for your account.

If you did this:

Complete the operation that you've started on the Phone Numbers page.

If someone else did it:

Check the Phone numbers page: if you don't find anything there about numbers being changed or deleted, then you can ignore the message. The number's previous owner may be trying to unlink it from his/her account.

If you got a notification, it means that someone got access to your account.

Regain control of your account:

  1. To cancel a given operation, click Cancel on the page Phone Numbers .

    If you don't cancel the operation within 30 days then changes already made will take effect. It won't be easy to restore access to your account since the number you linked to it will have been deleted.

  2. Set a new password on the Change Password page. Our recommendations will help you come up with a reliable password.

  3. Change your security question and answer on the Edit security question/answer page. Choose a question-answer pair that you will be sure to remember and that would not be easy for other people to figure out.

  4. Make sure that there are no other people's addresses on Email addresses page.

We can't know for sure who tried to change or delete your phone number. If you saw which phone number someone attempted to link to your account instead of yours, then you can contact your cellular operator to track down the personal data of the number's owner.

To protect your account, follow our security tips for Yandex.Passport.

If you can't log in to Yandex

Restore access to your account on the Restore Access page. If you linked your phone number to your account, then you can use it to change your password.

If you can't change your number because you forgot your password

fill in the Restore Access form.