I can't reset my password manually

Check whether you have correctly entered everything on the Restore access page:

  • If you get a message that your email or phone number is incorrect, make sure that you didn't make any mistakes when entering them. If you entered them correctly, try to remember any other phone numbers or emails that you might have linked to your account.

  • If you didn't answer the security question correctly the first time, see if an alternate spelling or other keyboard language works.

Note. You can find answers to common problems involving telephone numbers on the Phone number issues page.

Contact Support to restore access

If you didn't manage to restore access yourself, please fill in the Restore Access form.

If possible, fill out the form on the same device (computer, telephone or tablet) that you usually use to log in to Yandex. We also recommend that you fill out the form in the same location where you usually access the internet (for example, from home rather than over public WiFi.)

In the form, enter the personal information that you provided when registering your account or setting up your Yandex.Passport. Enter the information as you remember it, you don't have to remember the exact text.

During the last step you will need to attach your passport photo (for Russian citizens, either internal or foreign), or your driver's license. We request that you photograph yourself next to whichever document you use so that nobody can get access to your account by stealing your personal documents.