Restoring access with the help of Support staff

You can restore account access yourself using a confirmed phone number, email address, or a security question. Just follow the instructions provided on the restore access page.

If none of these methods apply to your situation, please complete the Restore Access Form. You will need to recall as much information about your account as possible to send the form. By checking this data, Yandex.Passport ensures that the account belongs to you. In some cases the form may be sent to the support department for additional verification.

Tip. If possible, please fill out the form on the same computer (or smartphone or tablet) which you usually use to log in to Yandex. During the access restoration process, Passport is less likely to trust new IP addresses or devices in order to make it more difficult for hackers to "restore" access to your account.

How it works

The information you enter is checked automatically, so please try to fill in the text fields as accurately as possible. If you're not sure what your old password is or you don't recall the exact spelling of the full name you entered, then try entering everything as you remember it or try other options (you can use + next to the corresponding field to add other options).

The more you can remember about how you used the account and what data you entered, the higher the chance that you will be able to restore access to it. During the last step you will need to attach your passport photo (for Russian citizens, either internal or foreign), or your driver's license. We request this photo along with the document in order to ensure the account's owner, rather than a hacker, is trying to restore access.

If, after sending the form, you get a message that the information you entered doesn't correspond to the account information, follow these steps:

  • Try filling out the form again using the computer or mobile device that you usually access Yandex through.

  • Try answering all of the questions that you think you might remember the answer to.

  • Check that you entered the correct username before you started filling out the form. Remember that our recommendations will help you remember your exact username.