Yandex subscriptions

With Yandex, you can watch movies and shows, listen to music, store photos, and much more for free. To use advanced features (such as disabling ads in movies), purchase a subscription.

You can manage your active subscriptions on the Subscriptions page in Yandex.Passport.

Yandex.Plus for multiple Yandex services

Yandex.Plus lets you save on taxi rides and deliveries, listen to unlimited music, , and take advantage of other great offers. A family subscription lets four people enjoy the benefits and is managed from one account.

Yandex.Plus subscribers get:

  • Full access to Yandex Music, the ability to download tracks to their phone, music in high quality and without ads.
  • 10 GB of extra space and 30% off additional storage on Yandex.Disk.
  • 10% off all trips in Yango.


You can subscribe to Yandex.Plus on the Yandex.Plus website or in the Yandex Music app.

In Yandex.Passport,you can check whether you have a subscription, how many days are left before it expires or is renewed, and what discounts and bonuses are available.

Spare days appear when have a subscription and buy another one for a longer period than the current one (an annual Yandex.Plus subscription in addition to a monthly subscription). The new subscription becomes active immediately, and the days left from the old subscription become “spare days”.

You can manage your subscription on the Subscriptions page in Yandex.Passport.

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