If you have a suggestion or question for Yandex.Passport, choose a relevant subject and write to us.

I forgot my password or can't sign in to my account

If you can't sign in to your account using your password, and can't restore your password either, go to this Help section.

I forgot my payment password

If you forgot your payment password, follow instructions in the Yandex.Money Help section.

I see a message “Contact your domain administrator to change your password”

This message means that to restore your password, you need to contact the owner of the domain from which you received the mailbox. They will be able to reset your password and tell it to you. Mailboxes on the domain are managed by the domain owner, so Yandex support cannot help you restore passwords to them.

I forgot the answer to my security question
I forgot my username
Yandex is asking me to change my password

To find out why Yandex is asking you to change your password, read the special Help article.

I can't fill out the Restore Access form
I can't receive my confirmation code

If you do not receive an SMS with a confirmation code or password recovery code, follow our recommendations.

I want to change my phone number

You can find out how to change the phone number linked to your account here. If you can't restore your password because an invalid phone number is linked to your account, go to the "I forgot my password" section above

I want to change my username

You cannot change your username. However, you can register a new account and use two email addresses in the same mailbox. For more information about this, see Yandex.Mail Help.

I want to merge accounts

You can't merge accounts or transfer all the data from one account to another. However, some Yandex services allow you to transfer data to another username. Check with the support of the desired service whether this is possible for this service.

I can't delete additional email addresses

Addresses that don't have the trash can icon next to them are aliases of your main address, so you can't and don't have to delete them as they are simply your addresses on other Yandex domains.

I have a question about Yandex.Passport
I have a question about syncing or password manager in Yandex Browser

You might find the answer to your question in the syncing or password manager help sections. If you don't find an answer, contact Yandex Browser support.

I can't register on Yandex.Toloka

You are most likely to find a solution in the Yandex.Toloka Help section. If you don't, contact the Toloka support.

I have a question about Yandex.Money

If you have a question about Yandex.Money, contact Yandex Money support so that our colleagues can help you faster

I have a question about Yandex.Mail
To get an answer to your question faster, use the Yandex.Mail Help and feedback form