How can I change my password?

Fill out the form on the Change password page. Follow our recommendations to create a reliable password.

If you receive a message that your password was entered incorrectly, try resetting it.

How do I add a phone number?

You can add a number on the Phone numbers page. For detailed instructions, read the Phone numbers section.

Why doesn't the password restoration code work?

Each restoration code cancels any previous codes. If you request three codes in a row, only the third code will work.

Why have I been asked to remove my number from other accounts?

One telephone number can be linked to no more than 10 accounts at the same time.

How do I add an alternate email address?

You can add an alternate email address on the Email addresses page. For detailed instructions, see the Alternate email addresses section.

What's the point of the “Don't remember me” checkbox next to the username and password fields?

If you check this box before logging in to Yandex, the browser will forget your login details after a certain period of time. This can be useful on computers that don't belong to you, such as logging in as a guest, or when you're at an internet cafe. For more information, see the checkbox under Don't remember me.

I was at an internet cafe and forgot to click “Log out”. What should I do?

Open the Yandex.Passport main page and click Log out of all computers. This will immediately log you out of all computers that you ever logged in on.

Some apps suddenly lost access to my account

If you changed your password or clicked Log out of all computers, you will have to log in again to the browser, as well as to most apps that are using your account.

Note. Apps lose access to your account because all OAuth tokens are revoked when you change your password and log out of all computers.