Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) provides your account with a higher level of security than a traditional password.

A traditional password should be complex, but you need to be able to remember it. You should be careful not to share it with others and change it frequently. Even if you take all these steps, a password is still vulnerable to things like viruses that record your keystrokes, meaning it will steal what you type in with your keyboard.

With 2FA, protecting your account is much simpler: you just need to remember a four-digit PIN code and have access to a smartphone or tablet device where you have installed the Yandex.Key application with your account. For more on how to activate two-factor authentication, read the Enabling 2FA section.

Once activated, two-factor authentication gives you access to application passwords and changes the account restoration procedure.

To stop using one-time passwords and return to using a regular account password, two-factor authentication must be disabled.