Account registration

You can create a new account in Yandex.Passport, as well as on many other Yandex services and on several official apps. One account is all you need to use all Yandex services.

  1. First and last name
  2. Username
  3. Account password
  4. Mobile phone
  5. Alternate email address
  6. Security question

First and last name

During registration, we recommend entering your real name. If you have problems with access, our Support Dept. may check your information against your government-issued document if the other solutions do not help.


Your username is a unique name for your Yandex account that you need to enter each time you log in. Your username defines your Yandex.Mail address: if you choose the username john2009, your address will be

When selecting a username, Yandex does not distinguish between a point and a hyphen, so the username john.2009 will be considered the same as john-2009.

You cannot change your username after registration.

Account password

Your password is the main means of protecting your account. The password should meet these three main requirements:

  • You should be the only one who knows it
  • It should be easy to remember
  • It should be difficult to guess
Attention. Don't tell anyone what the password you use to log in to your account is. The more people know your password, the higher the odds that a hacker will get their hands on it.

Don't use simple passwords: 12345, qwerty, password etc. Also do not use your first name, last name, birthday, or passport number as your password, because all of this information may be available to others.

For information on how to protect your password and account, read the Protect your account section.

Mobile phone

You can reset your password via SMS message by linking your mobile phone number to your account.

If you entered your phone number during registration and successfully completed the registration process, Yandex will send you a confirmation code. Enter this code on the Phone numbers page.

For more information about linking your phone number to your account, see the Phone numbers section of Help.

Alternate email address

You can also restore access to your account by using an alternative email address. If you forget your password, Yandex can send an email with instructions to the email address linked to your account.

For more information on how to link a new email address, read the Email addresses section of Help.

Security question

If you didn't link your phone number or an alternate email address to your account, then you will have to answer the security question to reset your password. You set the question and answer yourself when you registered.

Since the security question allows you to change your password, you should be as careful about choosing a question and answer as you are about choosing your password. It isn't a good idea to enter an answer that someone besides you might know. You should also avoid entering an answer that is too difficult or not true, because it will be easy to forget.

Note. It is more convenient and secure to reset your password using your mobile phone or an alternate email address. If you linked your phone number or email to your account, then you won't be asked to answer a security question in order to reset your password.

You can change your security question or answer in Yandex.Passport. Enter the answer to the question you entered earlier. Make sure that you are entering the correct answer using the correct keyboard layout.

If you can't remember the correct answer, you will be directed to the Support Dept. via a special form.