Alternate email addresses

All the addresses you've added can be found on the Email addresses page, along with the following:

  • Your email aliases (addresses using your username on all Yandex domains are linked to you when you register). For more information about email aliases, read the Yandex.Mail help.

  • Addresses using your phone number (if you use a phone number as a username).

Alternate email addresses let you restore access to your Yandex account. If you forget your password, just enter a confirmation email and you will get instructions for how to reset your password there. Yandex.Passport also uses alternate addresses to send you notifications about suspicious activity on your account, or when someone changes your phone number and other important events.

Note. You might find it more convenient and reliable to restore access using a confirmed phone number.

How to confirm an alternate email address

  1. Go to the My email addresses page.

  2. Enter the address in the field Addresses for restoring access.

  3. Click Add an email address. Yandex will send a confirmation code via email to this address.

  4. Open the email and click the link or copy the code and paste it into the Enter code from email field.

    The code will work for three hours after Password sends the email. If you close the page that you were supposed to enter the code on, go back to the Email addresses page, hold your cursor over the unconfirmed address, and click Confirm.

  5. Once you've entered the code, click Confirm.

To delete an address, hold your cursor over it and click the icon that appears.