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This report has a list of billing operations performed for the selected campaign. The report allows you to track which billing operations are being made with your account and how your store's balance in Market changes.

The table contains four columns:

  • Дата события — Date when the event occurred.

  • Дата учета — Date when the event was processed (recorded) in Market.

  • Тип биллинговой операции. Billing operation — An operation related to changing the state of your Yandex.Market account. Possible types of operations:

    1. Начисление за клики — Funds are deducted for completed clicks according to the current rate.
    2. Коррекция в связи с переводом на баланс — A manager makes corrections related to a transfer to the balance.
    3. Коррекция кликов — Funds deducted earlier are refunded to the account due to the discovery of false clicks.
    4. Коррекция в связи с изменением кампании — A manager makes corrections related to changes in the campaign.
  • Начисленная сумма — Amount of a completed payment.

You can set the time period, level of data detail, and report type (by event date or accounting date). You can also change the order for sorting entries by event date, by clicking the header of the Дата column.

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