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Clicks by event date

This report shows information on funds deducted for clicks and other events. The data is grouped by event date (for example, click completion). The report allows you to track the activity of users and their interest in your offers. Based on this data, you can make conclusions about the popularity of your store's offers on different days and how consumer activity changes over time.

The table contains the following columns:

  • Дата — Accounting period.

  • Кликов — Number of clicks completed.

  • Стоимость кликов — The amount deducted for completed clicks using the current rate (in Yandex units).

  • Другие начисления — All other finance events; this includes manual corrections from Market (in Yandex units). For example, for incorrectly counted clicks, transferring funds from one campaign to another, and so on.

  • Сумма — Total amount in Yandex units.

You can set a time range and level of data detail. You can also change the order for sorting entries by event date, by clicking the header of the Дата column.

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