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Quality report

This report contains all the information about the quality of your store's operation, the results of regular tests, and errors and problems found. This information directly affects your store's placement on Market. Quality errors are the main reason for removing offers or disabling the entire store.

Section 1. Quality control moderation

The Проверки службы контроля качества за последние 30 дней section shows errors that were made during registration or publication on Market. You can find a list of typical errors and explanations in the section Common types of errors.

Fix an error and click the Ошибка исправлена button. The quality control team will be notified, and members of the team will re-evaluate this product.

Information about errors is available in this section for 30 days, then moved to the archive.

Section 2. Rating

This section shows data used to calculate your store's rating: number of verifications, number of user ratings, quality control team rating, and average user rating. For more information on how the store rating is calculated, see the section How ratings are calculated.

Section 3. Site availability

Detailed information about automatically monitoring site availability is provided in the section Reasons for disabling a store.

Click the link N недоступных страниц in the Мониторинг доступности сайта section and view the errors found during automatic monitoring:

The report shows the time it was checked, the link to the unavailable page, and the error code. You can also see how many times the store was disabled for the day and how many hours the store was not functioning during the day.

Possible error codes:

  • 404 — Page not found or server did not respond within 30 seconds.

  • 408 — Response timeout.

  • FewContent — Size of the page checked was less than 1 Kb.

Section 4. Identical stores

Section 5 shows, if found, that your store is identical to another store — the stores have an identical or similar assortment of products or services in the same region, or they have the same contact information and details for advertisers (store owners). Click the link другим магазинам to view the list of duplicated stores. For more information about identical stores and duplication, see the section Regulations on duplication.

Section 5. Conditional conversion

Conditional conversion is an indicator of the suitability of publishing a particular product offer on Market.

An offer's conditional conversion is calculated based on statistics about user behavior on Market over a prolonged period of time. For example, we observe the behavior of users who clicked on Offer 1. We note that some time later, most of these users returned to Market, selected the same product modification, and clicked on a different offer (Offer 2). Based on this data, the system assumes that Offer 1 did not appeal to users for some reason. If there are a significant number of these users, Offer 1 falls into the category of products with low conditional conversion.

Conditional conversion is calculated for offers once a day, and the data is immediately updated in the Partner interface.

Having offers with low conditional conversion does not mean that a store will be disabled for quality issues.

Click the link N товарных предложений in the Товары с низкой конверсией section and look at the problematic offers in your store:

  • The tab Товары с низкой условной конверсией shows links to offers that are approaching the critical level and could possibly stop being displayed if the conditional conversion indicator goes any lower. You can still correct the situation for these product positions.

  • The tab Размещение приостановлено shows links to offers that have reached the critical value for the conditional conversion indicator and are not being shown for 7 days.

Displaying offers on Yandex.Market that have a low conditional conversion is not profitable for stores. Removing these kinds of offers lets you save money from ineffective clicks by users who quickly leave these offers without making a purchase. The information in the report can help you find problematic offers. We recommend reviewing these offers on your website. Common causes of low conditional conversion:

  • There is no product description or the photo is bad.

  • The price is hard to see, unreadable, or incorrect.

  • The product is not in stock.

  • For stores with online ordering,the button to add the product to the cart does not work, or it is hard to find.

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