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The price list with data from your store's website is automatically checked for compliance with technical requirements when uploading. The report on uploading data that is available on the Отчет по индексации page in the Ассортимент menu allows you to review statistics on uploading the price list with results of validation for the last week.


Updating product offers on Yandex.Market can take anywhere from 3 to 10 hours (4 hours on average). If technical maintenance tasks are underway, the update period may be longer. Updating is not scheduled.

Each file is assigned a status based on validation results. Each status has a row color and symbol:



File was not processed.

Processed without errors.

Non-critical problems were found.

Errors occurred.

Fatal error occurred.

The report includes 2 tables: a summary of all price lists, and detailed statistics for each of them.

The summary table contains the following columns:

  • Номер прайс-листа — Identifier of the price list in the system.

  • Адрес — URL of the price list.

  • Кол-во предложений — Number of offers in the price list.

  • Текущая публикация — Time of the current publication of the price list. The color of the field in this column shows the status of the last data upload.

  • Самая серьезная проблема за день — Statuses of data uploads for past days of the week. For enabled stores, only the worst status for verification results is displayed. For example, if the upload status was green over the course of the day but turned red once, this column shows the red status.

The table with detailed statistics contains the following columns:

  • Номер прайс-листа — Identifier of the price list in the system. The детали (details) link leads to the page with details for file validation.

  • Время из файла — The date and time obtained from the date attribute in the <yml_catalog> element in the price list.

  • Загружено — Time when processing started on the price list.

  • Опубликовано — Publication time for offers from the price list.

  • Количество предложений (number of offers) — Number of offers in the price list.

Each line corresponds to a separate file upload, and its color indicates the upload status.

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