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Payments in Balance

The report that is available at the Платежи в Балансе on the Мои магазины page shows information for your campaigns, billed invoices, statements, payers, and payments made for campaigns. These reports allow you you manage all financial documentation of publishing your store on Market:

Кампании (Campaigns)

The page shows general information about your advertising campaigns, dates they were created, payments and completion status.

Счета (Accounts)

The page displays general information about your accounts, their status, and the selected method of payment.

Акты (Statements)

The page provides general information about statements and corresponding invoices.

You can also export this information to MS Excel.

Акт сверки онлайн (Online reconciliation statement)

The page displays general information about payments made for your accounts.

Плательщики (Payers)

This page shows information about payers who have made payments to your accounts. For payment on behalf of a business or individual, two payers must be registered. You can quickly create a new payer directly on this page or wait until the next payment.

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