Step 1. Preparing your site

Before registering on Yandex.Market, check your site and make sure that:

  • The site works and does not contain any viruses or trojans.

  • The site allows customers to place orders (this is a requirement for online stores).

  • The site specifies the cost and terms of delivery, and it lists the delivery regions.

  • Each product offer from the price list is given its own separate page on the store's website.

  • Product offer pages will not open additional windows (whether PopUps or PopUnders)

  • The site publishes reliable information about the legal entity that operates the store, including name, location, and OGRN (full name and OGRN of the individual entrepreneur).

  • The ymclid tag is compatible with the site software. Pages on your site with this tag are displayed correctly.

The ymclid tag for tracking traffic from Yandex.Market

Each time a user clicks on a store offer on Yandex.Market, the system automatically appends a special ymclid tag to the site link with a unique click number. The tag allows you to correctly track the number of conversions from Yandex.Market sections in Yandex search results, and correctly calculate the amount of traffic for regional orders. To use it, the store needs to have a counter in Yandex.Metriсa.

Example of a link with the tag:

To test the site's performance, add ?ymclid=123456 to the product URL on your site and make sure that the page opens correctly. If the page does not open and an error occurs, ask your site developer to enable the use of custom URL parameters.

If you cannot enable the use of custom URL parameters or you run into other serious problems, contact support.