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Placement parameters

On this page, you can edit placement parameters and information about your store that you set during registration. To edit a parameter, click the изменить (change) link for this parameter.

Placement parameters for an online store (orders can be made on the website)

Placement parameters for an offline store

Section 1

In this section, you can set up placement of your offers.

  • Название магазина

    The name of your store.

  • Тип магазина

    Your store type: интернет-магазин sells products via a website; магазин-салон only makes sales at retail locations. When changing the store type to “online store”, the store must pass verification.

  • Подключение к программе “Заказ на Маркете”

    If you have decided to participate in the program, you can switch to testing mode first , then enable the program for your store.

  • Размещение в рекламной сети Яндекса

    If you want your store's offers to be displayed on the search platforms of Yandex Advertising Network partners, select this option.

  • Размещение товарных предложений

    You can pause, resume, or set a time for displaying your offers on Market. Possible parameter values:

    1. Не размещать предложения — Your store's product offers are not seen by users.

    2. Круглосуточно — Product offers are shown to users every day, at all times of the day.
    3. По расписанию (for example, Mon-Fri 9:00 — 18:00) — Product offers are shown to users only during the specified times. The time interval can only be set within a single day, from 0:00 to 23:59. In other words, a time interval such as “18:00 — 3:00” is incorrect.

    When specifying an exact time interval, keep in mind that the store is turned off at exactly the set time, but it may be turned on up to half an hour earlier or later than the set time, depending on when the Yandex.Market database is updated. So if the start time is set to “9:00”, the store will be turned on at some time between 8:30 and 9:30.

  • Прайс-лист

    The address where the price list can be found on your site.

  • Использовать данные из прайс-листа в Поиске

    By default, your store participates in the program for improving snippets in Yandex search. In search results, your website pages are accompanied by structured descriptions with information about your product, its price, and delivery conditions. For more information about this program, see the section Snippets in Yandex search.

    When this option is selected, the snippets improvement program uses the same settings and price list for your store as in Yandex.Market. If you want to use different price lists and store settings, you need to:

    1. Uncheck the box Использовать данные из прайс-листа в Поиске.
    2. Go to the Yandex.Webmaster interface and register your store in the section Товары и цены (; detailed information is provided in the section Подключение магазина in the Help for Yandex.Webmaster).


    If you want to your store's snippet management to return to the Yandex.Market Partner interface, you will need to send email to the Support service.

  • Показ в блоке спецразмещения

    If you want your store's offers to be displayed in the Premium Placement section of Yandex search, select this option.

  • Внешняя интернет-статистика

    If this option is selected, the product offer link has a special parameter added to it — the OpenStat tag. This parameter is passed when a user follows the product offer link to the store's web page. You can track statistics for transfers from Yandex.Market in the Метки report in Yandex.Metrica.


    Before you start using tags, make sure the parameter “_openstat=...” in the URL does not conflict with the software used on your store's website, and the product offer pages that have this parameter are displayed correctly. Some sites do not allow using custom URL parameters and return error messages when the external internet statistics option is turned on. If clicking a product offer leads to an error message, turn off the option and ask the developer of your store's website to allow using custom URL parameters. After the developer changes your site's settings, you can turn the Внешняя интернет-статистика option back on.

Section 2

This section contains regional and delivery settings. It is only shown for online stores.

  • Свой регион

    The region your store is located in is the main region for delivery.

  • Стоимость доставки в своем регионе

    You can set the cost of delivering your products in the Partner interface, or pass it in the price list. If the cost of delivery differs for different areas in your region, indicate the maximum price for delivery in your region. If you have a table of varying rates for delivery (such as weight-based delivery charges) and you are specifying data in the Partner interface, indicate the maximum cost of delivery.

    To specify information about delivery cost in the Partner interface, indicate the corresponding method by clicking изменить and selecting Партнер Маркета. Indicate the appropriate price in the root category of the product tree, and it will apply to all the categories below it in the tree. If you want to set a different delivery cost for a certain product category, set it in the corresponding field for that category. This price will also apply to all sub-categories below it.

    In addition to the cost of delivering a category of products, you can also set a minimum product price for free delivery. Or a maximum product price for delivery (higher-priced items are pick-up only). You can find answers to common questions about setting delivery costs in the Partner interface in the section Delivery.

    To pass information about delivery costs in the price list, indicate this method in the Partner interface by clicking изменить and selecting Данные в прайс-листе. For more information about setting delivery costs in the price list, see the corresponding Help section.

  • Регионы доставки

    A region or regions that products can be delivered to by your courier service or carrier partners.

  • Доставка грузоперевозчиками

    This page specifies the carriers that you partner with for delivering products to regions. For certain categories of products, such as books, mobile phones and some others, the approximate cost and delivery date can be shown based on the rates given on the carriers' websites. This information is shown when the delivery is from Moscow or Saint Petersburg. If you want to indicate the approximate cost and delivery date in the text of the product offer, you must first make sure that the cost and delivery date specified on the Доставка грузоперевозчиками page fully comply with the delivery conditions you offer your customers. Then mark the carriers and indicate whether the user should pay for delivery to the carrier.

    This information will be shown to regional users according to the conditions you have selected.

    If the cost and/or delivery dates shown in the Доставка грузоперевозчиками section are different from yours, or you do not want the estimated cost and delivery date to be shown in your product offer, select the carrier type Другой. In this case, information about carriers and the estimated cost and delivery date will not be included in your offers.

  • Телефон для приема заказов

    This field should specify the phone number with the country code and city or area code (for example, +7 495 1234567).

    Calls from the mobile version of Yandex.Market will be directed to this number.

  • Юридическая информация

    Legal information about your company should be provided here. This information is required by federal law F3 “On advertising” F3-38 from 13.03.2006 and will be published on Market. The same information must also be published on your website. Put a link to this page in the URL field.

    To add another legal entity, click the link добавить организацию.

Section 3

In this section, you can enter the addresses of points of sale.

  • Магазины на карте

    Addresses of points of sale that the user can go to and make a purchase or pick up purchased products.

    To add point of sale addresses, click the link добавить адрес.

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