Step 1. Prepare your price list

Yandex.Market only accepts price lists in certain formats (YML, CSV, XLS) and they need to follow certain rules.

You can put together a price list manually if the following conditions apply:

  • You plan to post a small assortment of products on Yandex.Market.

  • You can't automatically upload your product information from your system to Yandex.Market using a suitable format and type.

Use XLS format to manually assemble a price list.

If you plan to post a large assortment of products on Yandex.Market, then it's not possible to manually assemble and update a price list. You can:

  • Automatically export your product information from your data base. In this case, your store's developer should set up the exporting process so that the price-list format and type meets Yandex.Market requirements.

  • Use a CMS with built-in data export capabilities for Yandex.Market.

The YML format works best for preparing a price list using automatic exporting (this format includes the most options).

To prepare a price list for Yandex.Market or set up exporting, you or your developer will need to study the technical information in the Preparing a price list section (i.e. what form each product description should take and what elements should be included).

How to prepare a high-quality price list

Spend some time preparing your price list. Price-list quality affects many important factors:

  • Whether or not you pass moderation (Yandex.Market will not accept a price list containing errors).

  • How many clicks your products get (the higher your price-list quality is, the higher your offer position in the Yandex.Market search results).

Make sure you follow naming conventions for your offers

  1. Follow this naming format: product type + manufacturer name +model. For example: цифровая камера Canon EOS 600D Kit (digital camera Canon EOS 600D Kit).

  2. Don't include any unnecessary information in the name, such as delivery options, country of manufacture, price, etc. (this information can be entered using special elements delivery-options (YML)/ local_delivery_days (CSV, XLS), price, country_of_origin).

  3. Use lowercase letters (using all capital letters for names is forbidden).

Use special elements to enter additional information (don't include it in the name)

  1. In the product description (element description, 3 000 characters) give a brief description of the product and its characteristics. Don't use this element to enter phone numbers, delivery options, or information about special offers.

  2. If your store has certain conditions regarding prepayment or a minimal order amount, make sure to enter this information in the element salеs_notes (50 characters). You can also include information about your store's sales, but don't include the discount amount (use the oldprice element for that).

Make sure that the product information you transmit is current

If the price of a product on your site has changed, be sure to update it in the price list that you upload to Yandex.Market. Prices on Yandex.Market and your store's site should match.