Step 2. Preparing a price list

Yandex.Market only accepts price lists in specific formats (YML, CSV, XLS), and the price list must be formed according to certain rules.

You can draft a price list manually if:

  • You only plan to list a small range of products on Yandex.Market.

  • You are unable to automatically download information about products from your system in a format that is suitable for Yandex.Market.

You can create price lists manually in XLS format.

If you plan to list a large range of products on Yandex.Market, you will not be able to draft and update the price list manually. You can:

  • Automatically export information about products from your database. In this case, the developer of your store must configure the export so that the price list for Yandex.Market is generated in the required format and form.

  • Use a CMS with built-in data export capabilities for Yandex.Market.

If you want to prepare a price list using automatic export, YML is the best format (it has the most capabilities).

In order to prepare a price list for Yandex.Market or configure an export, you or your developer must study the technical information in the Drafting a price list section.