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Submitting for verification

Your store must pass verification of meeting the requirements for stores. For more information about store verification and how and when it is performed, see the section Moderation.

Specify information about your store on the Параметры размещения page in the Настройки menu. To change or add values for a parameter, click the изменить link in the corresponding row.

When all the fields are filled in, click the Отправить на проверку button to initiate verification of your store's information.

Placement parameters for an online store

Placement parameters for an offline store

At the final stage of registration, we ask you to once again check whether your store meets all the Yandex.Market requirements. For detailed information on how a store is verified, see the section How moderation works.

After the verification process is complete, you will get notification from the Yandex.Market quality control team confirming successful verification, or with information about errors that have to be fixed.

If verification was passed successfully, pay for your campaign. Detailed information about payment methods is provided in the section Payment methods.

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