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Step 2. Validating the price list

Information about your store's products and services must be provided in a price list. There are two ways to pass the price list to Yandex.Market.

Link to the price list

  1. Put the price list on your store's website.
  2. In the Partner interface, click the button указать ссылку.
  3. Enter the URL of the price list in the field below.

    For additional parameters, you can enter authorization settings (login name and password) by clicking Настройки доступа на сервер form.

  4. Click the button Проверить файл.

Uploading a price list to the Yandex.Market server

  1. Click the button загрузить файл in the Partner interface.
  2. Click the button Выбрать файл прайс-листа and choose the file to upload.

For more information about the price list, see the sections Requirements for the price list and data format and Working with the price list.

To set parameters for the store, click the Далее (Next) button.

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