Use the <rec> element to suggest accessories, supplies or other items that you recommend buying together with the primary product. For example, you can specify printer cartridges for a printer, coffee for a coffee maker, and cases for a phone.

Element requirements

  • The element should list the identifiers of the recommended products separated by commas with no spaces.

  • The <rec> tag cannot list more than 30 offers.

  • Recommended products must be listed in the same price list.

  • Each id can only contain numbers and Latin characters. Maximum length of one id: 20 characters.

Where recommended products are shown

The buyer will see the recommended products:

  • On the Frequently Bought Together tab on the main offer page.

  • In the Frequently Bought Together section after clicking Add to Cart.

  • In the shopping cart under the list of products.

Display terms

  • Recommended products are shown only for offers that participate in the “Yandex.Market Quick Order” program.

  • Recommended products will not be shown if you have not specified a link to the image for the main offer or the system was not able to load the image using the link.


<offer id="12346" available="true" bid="80" cbid="90">
  <name>Смартфон Apple iPhone 6s 128gb Space Gray</name>
<offer id="123" available="true" bid="80" cbid="90">
  <name>Apple Watch Sport 42mm with Sport </name>
<offer id="567" available="true" bid="80" cbid="90">
  <name>Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless</name>

In this example, customers are being recommended to buy an Apple Watch and Powerbeats2 accessory together with the iPhone 7 product.