Use the <rec> element specify products that are recommended to buy together with the current product, such as accessories. This parameter is optional.

In <rec>, specify product offer identifiers (the id attribute for the <offer> element) separated by commas without spaces. The id attribute can contains numbers and Latin letters; the maximum length of each id is 20 characters.

If <rec> is omitted, the store does not have recommended products for this offer.

Note. If <rec> specifies a non-existing id or an id that is not in the price list, the element will be considered empty.
<offer id="12346" available="true" bid="21"> 
  <name>Наручные часы Casio A1234567B</name>
  <description>Изящные наручные часы.</description> 
  <sales_notes>Необходима предоплата.</sales_notes>