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The rating allows users to evaluate the level of service and quality of your store. When products are priced similarly, a user will probably choose the store with a higher rating.

Your store's current rating is displayed on the Partner interface on the Сводка page in the Контроль качества section. The rating is made in stars; the higher the level of quality, the more stars the store gets.

The rating is calculated based on rating scores and reviews from users over the past 3 months. If there are few ratings and reviews from users (or none at all), the rating is determined first of all by the rating from the quality team that regularly checks your store. For more information about calculation methods, see the section How ratings are calculated.

Next to the rating in each of your store's offers, the total number of reviews is displayed:

The link with information about the number of reviews leads to a page with all the reviews about your store. It displays the total number of ratings used for calculating the current rating:

Stores that have been published on Yandex.Market for less than 30 days do not have a rating. Instead of stars, the store has the label новый магазин on Yandex.Market.

If a store had been disabled for more than 30 days, the rating is not published.

If the rating is removed due to falsification, it can be published again only after 12 weeks. On Yandex.Market, all the rating stars are gray. In the Partner interface, the message Рейтинг снят is displayed.

For answers to frequently asked questions about ratings, see the section FAQ / Reviews and Ratings.

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