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Reasons for disabling a store

A store's placement on Yandex.Market can be completely discontinued, or it can just have the “Market Ordering” program disabled.

The status of a store's placement on Market and participation in the “Market Ordering” program, as well as the reason for disabling the store, are shown in the upper section of the Partner interface under the store name. A summary of verification results and errors is shown in the section Контроль качества on the Сводка page.

Reasons for disabling the store are shown on the Отчет по качеству page in the Контроль качества menu in the Partner interface, and also in email notifications.

Suspending publication on Yandex.Market

Placement of offers is suspended if a store has quality issues or the store's website becomes unavailable.

Неприемлемое качество

A store is assigned the “Unacceptable quality” status in the following cases:

  • Two or more errors were found during the first seven days of the store's placement. Only the actual period of placement is calculated; the store's idle time is not taken into account.

  • Four or more errors were found over the last 30 days, and the ratio of errors to number of tests is greater than 0.2.

  • Serious violations of the Requirements for advertising materials were discovered. For example, the store's product offer specifies a low price, but a high price is shown when ordering, or the store offers the customer a similar product at a higher price.

Сходные магазины

Stores are considered identical if they have:

  • An identical or similar assortment of products or services offered in the same region.

  • The actual and/or entered contact data matches legal information for the advertisers (store owners).

  • Other indicators that suggest a close relationship between the stores.

For more information about this, see the section Identical stores/General regulations on duplication.

Прочие проблемы качества

A store is assigned the “Other quality problems” status for one of the following reasons:

  • A virus was detected on the website.

  • The same error is repeated in several of the store's product offers.

  • The advertiser (store owner) is suspected of fraud.

  • The use of incorrect types, titles, categories, or descriptions for a large quantity of offers.

  • For products or services that are subject to certification, declaration, or licensing, the appropriate documents were not provided to confirm that the products or services conform to current legislation.

The quality control team can also disable a store for other violations. For example, the store's website does not have information about the seller.

Сайт временно недоступен

A store can be disabled if the results of automatic verification show that the site is unavailable.

Automatic verification is performed by the Yandex.Market robot, which tries to download a randomly selected product offer page from the site once a minute. The system considers the offer successfully downloaded if the page loaded in less than 30 seconds. If the robot could not download different product offer pages several times in a row during a five-minute period, the store is automatically disabled.

Common reasons a site is unavailable for the robot:

  • The robot's IP address (there are several:,,,,,,,, is blocked by the site's firewall when loading the page.

  • Problems at the provider or web server where your site is hosted.

  • The site is overloaded and can't keep up with user requests.

The robot continues checking the site even after it has been disabled. As soon as it is able to download a page, the store will be automatically re-enabled. If the site was down for less than three hours, the store will be enabled within 15 minutes. If the site was down for more than three hours, the store will be enabled during the next database update.

Exclusion from the “PMarket Ordering” program

A store can be excluded from the program if the store has problems with quality or processing API requests, or important data is missing.

Ошибки качества

A store is assigned the “Quality errors” status in the following cases:

  • The store's rating is less than three stars.
  • The store is accused of deliberate deception (for example, it has provided false information about a customer's reasons for canceling an order).
  • The store cannot handle processing requests via the API (for example, responses to Yandex.Market requests are not received from the store).

The quality control team can also exclude a store from the program for other violations. For example, if the store's product offers participating in the "Market Ordering" program include products that fall under special legislative requirements (such as medication).

Недостаточно информации

A store is assigned the “Insufficient information” status in the following cases:

  • The contract for participation in the program is missing or expired.
  • The store's URL for accepting requests from Yandex.Market is not entered on the Настройки API заказа page in the Настройки menu in the Partner interface.
  • None of the product offers in the price list is participating in the "Market Ordering" program.

If the store's publication on Market is suspended, it is also excluded from the “Market Ordering” program, even if there weren't any errors for this program. In this case, the status line for Заказ на Маркете indicates “Магазин снят с основного размещения”.

If a store was excluded from the “Market Ordering” program because of errors, it continues being published on Yandex.Market.

Re-enabling a store

To resume publishing a store on Yandex.Market or participating in the “Market Ordering” program, the first step is to eliminate the reason it was disabled: solve technical problems, settle customer service issues, enter correct information, and so on.

The store will have to pass verification again before being enabled, in order to show that the errors were actually fixed.

Please keep in mind that the system does not show all the errors that were found when the store was disabled. You only see the errors that were enough to disable it, when in actuality there may be more than these. This is why we ask that you make sure your store meets all the Yandex.Market requirements before submitting it for verification.

You can send a request for store verification from the Partner interface. To do this, select the option Все проблемы исправлены and click the Отправить на проверку button on the Отчет по качеству page.

Verification terms and time-frame:

  • If a store's placement on Yandex.Market was suspended, verification begins:

    • 5 days after the store was disabled, if this was the first time it was disabled in the past 4 months.

    • 10 days after the store was disabled, if this is not the first time in the past 4 months.

    Verification takes 2 business days, regardless of the reasons the store was disabled. The date of verification completion will be shown in the interface.

    If the store did not pass verification, you will see a message about this on the Отчет по качеству page and you can find out how many attempts are remaining. After six unsuccessful attempts, a store cannot be published in the Yandex.Market system.

  • If the store was excluded from the “Market Ordering” program, verification will begin the same day. Verification takes from 1 to 5 days, depending on the number and type of errors. If the store did not pass verification, you will see a message about this on the Отчет по качеству page.

Notification of verification results will be sent to the email address set in the contact information.

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