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Regulations on duplication

The Yandex.Market quality team protects fair competition and our users' best interests, which is why stores that want to be published on Market go through multistage verification that looks for relationships with other stores published on Market. Stores are considered duplicates if they offer products in the same region, have a similar product assortment and other indicators suggesting a close relationship between them. Stores that are determined to be duplicates are combined in a group. Only one of the stores in the group is allowed to publish on Market.

However, there are some cases when several similar stores are allowed to publish:

  • Products are offered in different regions

    For example, one store only delivers to Moscow and the Moscow region, while the other only delivers to Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad region. If this is the same store, there must be a retail store in the region.

  • The product assortment is for different thematic areas

    For example, one store has a website with tires, and the other store has products for children.

  • Single-brand stores

    Each website has products of just a single manufacturer or brand.

  • The assortment is divided across sites by category

    For example, one store has a website with shower stalls, and the other store has bathtubs. Division of products is not acceptable for the following categories: Бытовая техника (Household appliances), Электроника (Electronics), Фото (Photo), Телефоны (Phones), Компьютеры (Computers).

  • The store has been published on Market for more than three years, and the following requirements have been met:

    1. The store and its duplicates have not been disabled for poor quality in 6 months.
    2. Over the past year, there have been no attempts to publish duplicates on Market other than the exceptions listed above.

A duplicate store that was disabled for unacceptable quality can be re-enabled only if the above conditions are met.

A store that is a duplicate of one that has previously been disabled for unacceptable quality is not accepted for publication.

If several stores already published on Market are determined to be duplicates, all offers for the same product in the same region from these stores are put in a group, and only one of these offers is shown to the user. The other product offers in the group are hidden.

The user settings, relevancy rules, placement position, and bids on offers all determine which of the duplicate offers will be shown. If you want a particular offer to be shown above similar offers in placement locations that allow managing the position, set a higher bid for the offer. For more information, see the section Managing bids.

All offers that match a query, including hidden duplicate offers, can be seen by users on Market pages by clicking the Показать все link:

On pages that have a section with a list of stores on the right-hand side, clicking on a store displays all the store's offers, including hidden duplicates:

The complete list of stores combined in a group of duplicates is given in the Partner interface in the Контроль качества section on the Сводка page via the link Дублирующиеся витрины:

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