Order tracking

You can send Yandex.Market tracking numbers for your shipments and information about the delivery service you work with so that customers can track their orders directly in Yandex.Market. This will help you avoid claims in cases where shipments are held up.

The store processes orders using the API

Send the shipment tracking number and delivery service ID in the Changing conditions for order delivery request.

The store processes orders in its personal account
Note. A foreign store can only accept orders in the partner interface if they are registered as a legal entity in Russia.

Go to the order page, select a delivery service, and enter the shipment's tracking number.

If your delivery service is not in the list, select the Other service option and contact your manager or send an email to sales@market.yandex.com. We will add your delivery service to the list.

Stores can track order deliveries in the partner interface and react promptly if a problem occurs. For example, you can contact the delivery service and notify the buyer right away. Delivery statuses are updated on the order page in the Changelog section.

If you encounter a problem tracking an order, send an email to sales@market.yandex.com.