Setting up prepayment option

Attention. If a store is not registered as a legal entity in Russia, it can't sign up for the program or the prepayment option independently. To sign up for the program, contact a Yandex.Market manager. Your store will be connected to the program using the API and be able to accept prepayments right away.

Customers of stores that are registered as legal entities in Russia are given both payment options (pre- or post-payment) when they place orders on Yandex.Market. Customers making purchases from stores registered abroad are only given the prepayment option. If a customer chooses to prepay using a bank card or Yandex.Money, they have two hours to pay for their order. After paying, money is frozen on the customer's account and Market informs the store that the order has been paid so the latter can start processing it. As soon as the store sends the order for delivery (and changes the order status to DELIVERY), payment is deducted from the customer's account and credited to the store's account on the following business day.

Payments are made using Yandex.Money. Prepayments options (bank cards, Yandex.Money) are only displayed on the order page if the store has signed up for the prepayment option.

A fee of 2% of the entire order (the product cost + delivery cost) is charged for payment processing.

If a customer paid straight away when placing their Yandex.Market order, the store gets a discount and a fee is not charged for the order. Stores are only charged a fee for payment processing.

    Advantages for stores

    • Stores get paid for orders before the products are delivered to customers. In the majority of cases, payment is credited to a store's account one business day after an order is sent for delivery.

      Note. Funds are credited to the bank account listed in the application to connect.
    • Prepayments carry a lower risk of the customer canceling or not collecting their order.

    • A store doesn't have to deal with the issue of refunding a customer's payment when they cancel an order before it is sent for delivery. Funds are frozen on the customer's account and “refunds” are handled by Yandex.Money.

    • In cases where a customer wants to return an item, the store can easily refund money to the customer's personal account.

    • The store can opt in or out of the prepayment option at any time.

    How to get started accepting prepayments

    Note. Both stores that accept orders through their personal accounts and stores that accept orders through the API can sign up for the prepayment option.
    1. Send an application to Yandex.Money using your personal account. Just go to the Yandex.Market Quick Order program page and under Placement settings click Send application next to the Accept prepayments for Yandex.Market orders option. Only a store Administrator can fill out an application.

      You will need to indicate the account where payments for orders will be deposited and your bank identification code (BIC).

      If you have several stores on Yandex.Market and want to sign them up to accept prepaid orders:

      • include all the stores in one application if they are all under the same account (i.e. they form one legal entity)

      • send applications for each store separately using their respective accounts if they are under different account (i.e. they form more than one legal entity)

    2. A Yandex.Market manager will contact you at the number or email you listed within 24-hours in order to clarify details and request more information.

    3. The completed Yandex.Market Quick Order program application will be sent to the email address you indicated. Check the information, print and sign the application, and then attach a scanned copy with your response to the manager's email. Copies of documents will be checked within three business days and the results will be sent to you by email.

      Additionally, Yandex needs to receive your original application within 30 days at Yandex.Market, LLC at 16 Lev Tolstoy St., Moscow, Russia 119021.

    4. Within 24 hours after you receive the connection confirmation by email, customers will start seeing prepayment options on the checkout page next to your store's products.

    If your store accepts orders through the API:

    • We recommend trying the test prepayment requests.

    • After submitting the API application, you'll get a test order from Yandex.Market to make sure your store is ready to accept prepaid orders. You can monitor the status of the trial order in your personal account on the Trial order page.

      If your store fails to process the trial order, prepayment options will not be offered to your customers. This does not affect your store's position on Yandex.Market. Your store can continue to accept orders that use the post-payment option. In the Prepay when accepting Yandex.Market orders section, you'll see your notification and more information about how to proceed.