Market for partners

How to join the program

1. Make sure your store meets the requirements

These requirements must be satisfied at the time of enabling the “Market Ordering” program for the store.

2. If necessary, make changes in the price list

Only store offers that have an identifier can participate in the program. By default, all your store's offers that have a set ID are participating. You can manage which offers participate in the program.

3. Read the API documentation and develop an application to access the API for Market Ordering program.

The API methods are documented in the .

4. Turn on testing mode

On the Параметры размещения page in the Настройки menu in the Partner interface, change the Подключение к программе "Заказ на Маркете" parameter to “Режим тестирования”.

5. Make API settings

Enter the necessary data on the Partner interface page Настройки API заказа page in the Настройки menu.

6. Debug your application by processing test orders

The testing interface is available in the Partner interface on the Отладка API заказа page in the Настройки menu.

7. Submit an application for enabling the program for your store

Change the Подключение к программе Заказ на Маркете parameter to “Включено” on the Параметры размещения page.

Additional information

Changing the parameter to “Включено” does not mean that the program will instantly be enabled. The store uses this action to state that it wants to participate in the program.

The “Включено” option might be unavailable if the store does not conform to the requirements or has given insufficient information — the store is checked for meeting these conditions after changing the “Testing mode” parameter.

8. Complete the verification process with a control order

Before starting to get orders from Yandex.Market, a store must correctly process control orders.

9. Accept orders from Yandex.Market!

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