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Making control orders

Before enabling the “Market Ordering” program, we check the store's ability to correctly accept and process orders via the API. For this purpose, the store must fulfill several control orders.

The requests that the store gets with control orders are described in the Verification tests section in the Developer's Guide.

Note. The request specifies that the order is a control order, so the store can differentiate between control orders and real orders.

A control order may include:

  • A heavy or oversized item (if the shop sells any).
  • A large number of items (up to 10 items).
  • Delivery to a different region (if the shop supports this type of delivery).
  • Delivery to surrounding areas outside of the city (if the shop supports this type of delivery).

When making control orders, the Partner interface shows the corresponding status:

Information about how control orders are being processed is available on the Контрольный заказ page in the Контроль качества menu in the Partner interface.

Each order shows the number and type of test, the order number, date of creation, and status. To see more detailed information about the order, click the number in the Номер заказа column.

Test statuses

  • Пройдена

    The control order was fulfilled successfully.

  • Отменена

    The test was canceled for some reason. For example, the store quit the “Market Ordering” program at the time when the control order was created.

  • Ждем действий магазина

    Complete the action as shown in the notes for the control order.

  • Провалена

    The control order failed for some reason, such as:

    • The Yandex.Market robot could not create an order (in this case, the Номер заказа column shows the text ).
    • The store did not switch the order to the required status within three days, or assigned the wrong status.
    • Other errors occurred while creating the control order.

    To investigate reasons for an unsuccessful control order, you can view the error log on the Ошибки API page in the Контроль качества menu. Fix the errors and submit a request to repeat verification on the Отчет по качеству page.

Attention! If the store does not complete at least one control order, it will not be allowed to join the "Market Ordering" program.
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