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Changing an order

If your store needs to change the contents, price, or delivery conditions of an order that has been made on Yandex.Market, follow these rules:

Changing the order contents

Attention! Once an order has been made, the contents cannot be changed in the Yandex.Market interface. The order is shown in the customer's account exactly as it was made. However, the store may send the customer an order with different contents, if the customer has agreed.

The actions of the store manager and customer in this case are described below.

Adding items to the order

If the customer asks the manager to add extra items to the order when clarifying order details, the store manager can add these items to the order on the store side, but the Yandex.Market interface will continue showing the original order.

If the customer wants to add items on his own, he can:

  • Make another order on Yandex.Market for the additional item.
  • Cancel the current order in his account (if it has not yet been processed and sent for delivery), and create a new order that includes the additional items.

Removing or replacing items in the order

If items need to be removed from the order or replaced with different items when the order details are being confirmed, the store manager can:

  • Remove or replace the items on the store side, but the Yandex.Market interface will continue showing the original version of the order.
  • Cancel the order on Yandex.Market and continue serving the customer independently, if the customer agrees.

If the customer wants to remove or replace items on his own, he will need to cancel the current order in his account and create a new one.

Attention! The customer cannot cancel an order in his Yandex.Market account if the order has already been processed by the store and sent out for delivery.

Changing the order cost

A store should never change the cost of an order under any circumstances.

Changing delivery conditions

The store may change the delivery date, address, and delivery method at any point when fulfilling an order. The store can only change the delivery cost if delivery conditions changed, and only if post-payment is selected as the payment type.

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