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Having selected products on Yandex.Market, a user can now make an order not only on the store's website, but directly on Yandex.Market. The user puts products in the shopping cart, then makes several orders “all at once”, even if the cart has products from different stores.

The program is available to all online stores that use the Yandex.Market Partner interface.

Advantages of participating in the program

  • Increased number of orders

    The easier it is to buy online, the more willing users are to order products. Yandex.Market simplifies the purchasing process for users:

    • Not only can they choose products on Yandex.Market, but they can also make the purchase immediately.
    • They only have to go through the registration process once.
    • The ordering interface and the shopping cart are shared for products from different stores.
    • There are fewer steps to go through from selecting a product to completing a purchase.
  • Guaranteed profits in addition to potential

    The store gets both potential customers who transfer to the store's website from Yandex.Market, as well as prepared orders. A prepared order is a decision that has already been made by a customer, which translates to guaranteed profit.

Passing orders to a store

Data is exchanged via the for orders made on Yandex.Market. Both the online store and Yandex.Market implement requests.

Yandex.Market sends requests to the store in order to:

  • Get up-to-date information about products, payment methods, delivery options, etc. when a user is making an order.
  • Notify the store of changes to an order.

The store sends requests to Yandex.Market in order to:

  • Get information about an order or orders that users made in the Yandex.Market interface.
  • Change an order status or delivery conditions.

Stores that want to participate in the “Market Ordering” program can use the feature in the Partner interface.

The diagram below shows how an order is passed and accepted, including the interaction between the customer, Yandex.Market, and the store in this flow.


  • Only registered users can make orders on Yandex.Market.
  • A user can only put items in the shopping cart if they are from stores that participate in the “Market Ordering” program.
  • Yandex.Market may request product information from a store several times if the customer makes changes after getting updated information (removes items, changes the quantity, and so on).
  • If the order must be changed, the store should follow the applicable rules.
  • The agency fee (commission) for the order is collected after the store has prepared the order for delivery. The commission fee will not be refunded after it has been collected for an order, even if the customer cancels the order or does not show up to get it.
  • If a customer cancels an order during the delivery process or does not pick it up, we recommond notifying Yandex.Market of this (through the API). This data is important for gathering statistics; customers who make too many orders and cancel them will be banned from making orders on Yandex.Market.
  • For the first stage of launching the “Market Ordering” program, prepayment via Yandex.Market is not available.
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