For each product offer, the <offer> element can specify up to ten URLs of images matching this product offer.


The maximum length of the URL is 512 characters.

The images located at these URLs must be jpeg, gif, or png format and sized no less than 100 pixels on any side. To display enlarged images of a product offer in the Yandex.Market search results, the recommended size is no less than 600 pixels on any side. Images on transparent backgrounds are not supported. A link to an HTML page containing an image is not allowed.

The first image in the list in the product offer description is considered the default image and will be used as the product image in Yandex.Market search. So the main product image should be put first in the list. Other images that are specified for this product will be available in the enlarged viewing mode for product images (only under the condition that the size of images is no less than 600 pixels on any side).