Market for partners

Accounting system

Yandex.Market operates on a prepayment system.

The “pay per click” and “commission per order” systems are used in Yandex.Market, meaning funds are deducted from your account for users' clicks on your offers, and an agency fee is charged for orders made in the Yandex.Market interface. In order for your store's offers to be shown on Market, your store's account must have a positive balance. You will need to check your balance in the Partner interface and regularly credit your account.

You can quickly assess the state of your account on the Сводка page, which displays the financial status and remaining funds.

Once per day, funds are deducted from the account and the financial status is updated. When a campaign is assigned the yellow status ( — store might be disabled within 10 days) or the red status ( — store might be disabled within 3 days), the store is sent an email recommending to add funds to the account.

All amounts in the Partner interface are calculated in Yandex units. There is an established exchange rate inside Yandex.Market, which is:

  • for Russia — 30 rubles (including VAT)

  • for Ukraine — 12 hrivnas (including VAT)

The minimum payment is 10 Yandex units.

The agency fee is 1% of the order amount.

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