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Payment methods

You can pay for publishing your store's offers on Market as an individual or as a business. Payments can be made in rubles or hrivnas. You select the payment method each time you make a payment.

As an  individual , you can use the following payment methods:

  1. In rubles:

    • Yandex.Money

      Payment is processed instantly. To pay invoices over 15,000 rubles, you need to pass identification in Yandex.Money.

    • Cash at a bank

      Payment of a bill that you can print after selecting this payment type.

    • Bank card

      Money is transferred within 15 minutes. Payment can be made using bank cards that can be used for internet purchases and have a three-digit CVC2/CVV2 code on the back.

    • WebMoney (WMR)

      Instant payment from an R-type wallet.

    • Payment code

      Money is transferred within 15 minutes. To find out the payment code to pay using a bank terminal, click the link оплатить наличными on the Сводка page in the Yandex.Market partner interface.

  2. In hrivnas:

    • Cash at a bank

      Payment of a bill that you can print after selecting this payment type.

    • Bank card

      Money is transferred within 15 minutes of making the payment. Visa and MasterCard are accepted for payment, as well as Privatbank Cirrus Maestro and VISA Electron. To complete the payment, you will need to enter your mobile phone number and the code that is sent to your phone in an SMS message.

    • Yandex.Money

      The payment will clear within 15 minutes. When paying an amount in hrivnas, it will be converted to rubles.

    • WebMoney (WMU)

      Instant payment from a U-type wallet.

As a  business , you can make payments in rubles or hrivnas from a bank account. You can print a payment order after selecting this payment method.

If you can provide a payment order marked as paid by the bank, or a payment receipt with the Yandex bar code and bank verification, send us a copy at or fax to +7 495 739-23-32, so we can begin showing your store's product offers as quickly as possible.

Deferred payment


Deferred payment is only available for stores in Russia and Ukraine.

Deferred payment for a specific amount means you can publish a product offer for this amount right now, and pay for it within the next 15 calendar days. This gives you the chance to publish for two weeks even if you have run into a budget deficit.

Terms of use

You can use deferred payment in the manner and conditions stipulated in the Yandex.Market Terms of Service (for Russia —, and for Ukraine —, if you have regularly published offers on Yandex.Market over the past 6 months and you also spent on average at least 3000 rubles per month (at least 1200 hrivnas per month for Ukraine). Detailed terms for this service are provided in the Offer.

How to get payment deferred

To use deferred payment, when creating an invoice and selecting a payment method in the payment interface, you need to accept the terms of the Offer agreement and click the Пополнить сейчас, оплатить позже button, then enter the payment password. The amount you entered will instantly be added to the store's account. The invoice must be paid in full within 15 calendar days.


In order to use the deferred payment service, you must give a contact phone number and confirm it on the invoicing page.

If an account that received an advance with deferred payment is not paid for in the time required, the deferred payment service will not be available to you again.

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