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You probably often wonder how happy your users are with your service. Reports and statistics are informative, but this is the language of bare numbers, which cannot replace reviews — “live” feedback from users.

We ask Yandex.Market users to leave reviews of stores they have used. A user can leave a textual review or just rate the store without leaving comments.

User reviews are published on Market and are part of the store's rating. User rating scores are also used for calculating the overall rating, but they are not published.

For each store, only one review or one rating from a user is published. If the user changed his opinion about the store and wrote a new review, it will be published in place of the old one. Users can rate stores that are operating when they write the review, as well as disabled stores.

All ratings and reviews published on Yandex.Market go through automatic filtration, then moderation. We use various methods to combat falsification and filter out insulting, abusive, and inappropriate comments, deliberate advertising, and spam. Comments from stores and users' replies to these comments are published without moderation. Responses to reviews are not allowed to contain personal user data: last name, first name, middle name, phone number, address, passport number, or other information the user specified when making the order in the store.


Reviews for points of sale as well as for online stores are accepted for publication on Market. Users usually do not differentiate between online and regular shopping, and are mostly brand-focused.

You can find reviews of your store on the Отзывы page in the Контроль качества menu.

You can view all reviews of your store that have passed moderation and are published on Market, sort them, and respond to each of them.

For answers to frequently asked questions about ratings, see the section FAQ / Reviews and Ratings.

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