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Creating a new point of sale

If your store has points of sale where the customer can go to buy or pick up a purchased product, enter them on the Точки продаж page in the Настройки menu in the Partner interface.

To create a new point of sale, click Добавить адрес.

Fill in the form on the page that opens.

For online stores, you can create three types of points of sale: магазин-салон, пункт выдачи, or a retail store combined with a pick-up point. Offline stores can only have one type of point of sale — retail (offline) store. The types of points of sale are described in the section Types of stores.

For each region, you can specify a point of sale that will be the primary one (; there can only be one main point of sale per region).

Note. For online stores that are potential participants in the Market Ordering program, an additional field is shown: Идентификатор точки продаж. If you want to use your own identifier for the point of sale when passing data about available points of sale for an order via the API, enter it in this box. If you want to use the identifier from the Yandex.Market system, leave this box empty. After saving, this box will display the identifier assigned by Yandex.Market.

When you have filled in the form, click Сохранить — you will go to the page with all your store's points of sale. New or edited points of sale are automatically submitted for verification by a moderator.

Verifying points of sale

A point of sale is verified within two days. During verification, information about the point of sale can be edited, but then this point will be sent for verification again. Based on verification results, the point of sale can be assigned a status:

  • Отклонен — The point of sale was rejected by the moderator. The information for your point of sale contains errors. Edit it and fix the incorrect data.

If none of a retail store's points of sale passed verification, or all the points of sale were disabled, this store might be disabled due to insufficient information for publication.

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