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How moderation works

In order to evaluate all aspects of your store's operation, quality control employees perform the following evaluations:

An employee verifies that the store complies with the Requirements for advertising materials, including:
  • The website is functional.
  • The store does not duplicate an existing store on Yandex.Market.
  • Prohibited products are not sold.
  • Phone number matches the store's region.

For online stores, we also check:
  • Data specified during store registration: legal and contact information and delivery information.

    That each product has a separate page.

Via the phone and shopping cart for online stores
A quality control employee makes test orders over the phone and using your store's shopping basket. The store does not pass this test if the information on product price and availability shown in the price list does not match what is stated on the phone, or if the order made via the shopping cart has not been confirmed within four business hours.
The error message specifies the date and time the order was made, the order number, or the date and time of the call made to the store.
Over the phone for offline stores
A quality control employee calls the store for information. The store does not pass verification if the employee is not able to get information about product availability.

A store is tested when it is ready. You initiate verification when you feel that the store has been fully prepared.

You can submit the store for verification either during or after registration by clicking the Отправить на проверку button on the Параметры размещения page.

The verification period is two business days from the moment the button is clicked (weekends and holidays are not counted).

When this time has passed, the store is automatically sent email with information about verification results. The email is sent to the addresses entered during registration that are available on the Управление пользователями page:

If any problems were found during verification, the email will have a list of errors that need to be fixed.

To avoid potential problems, refer to the section Common types of errors.

After making corrections, re-initiate store verification on the Параметры размещения page in the Настройки menu.


The store gets six chances to pass verification before it is enabled. After the sixth attempt, a final decision is made about whether the store can be published on Yandex.Market.

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