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Why moderation is necessary

Moderation checks that the data entered when registering a store is valid, before publishing the store on Yandex.Market.

Yandex.Market currently has more than 5,000 partners. And we can say with confidence that it is one of the best stores available. The excellent level of customer service provided by the stores that partner with Yandex.Market has earned the trust of our users, whom we strive to offer the best possible service for choosing products and where to purchase them.

Yandex.Market is open to all stores, but before our users can see your store's offers, we need to make sure that you are ready to offer them the level of customer service that they expect from a store when they shop on Yandex.Market. So after your store is registered, Yandex.Market quality control employees evaluate your store using the moderation process.

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