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What is Metrica?

The easiest and most precise way to assess the effectiveness of publishing your store on Yandex.Market and track users' interest is to use Yandex.Metrica. This is a tool for evaluating site traffic and analyzing user behavior and campaign effectiveness.

Metrica uses the traditional concept of an internet counter: code placed on your website's pages registers each visit and collects data about it. Metrica allows you to find out what happens on your site after users click an offer on Yandex.Metrica, and provides additional features for analyzing various sections of the attracted audience.

To use Metrica, you must get a special section of code and install it on the pages of your site. We strongly recommend installing the counter code on every page on your website, because this determines the integrity and validity of the data counts.

Data will start being collected for your site immediately after the code has been installed.

The data collected by the counter is processed and displayed as a separate report on site traffic that is available in the Статистика menu on the Заказы в Метрике page in Yandex.Metrica. In addition to this report, you can set up detailed reports containing information about order contents.

Statistics are synchronized by time in all the reports. The time lapse between a user's actions on your site and this fact being reflected in reports is usually about 10 minutes.

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