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Managing reviews

Reviews are very valuable data received directly from users. Negative comments reveal your store's weak points. Positive comments positively influence other users when choosing where to make a purchase. This is why you should pay particular attention to reviews:

1. Stimulate users to leave reviews

Suggest that users write a review for your store on Market:

  • After an order has been made, send your customers a thank-you email for using your store and ask them to leave a review.

  • Put a banner on your store's website inviting visitors to rate your store on Market.

To get a banner, click Опубликуйте рейтинг from any page in the Partner interface:

  1. Select the banner type — dynamic or static.

    A static banner leads to the page where the user can rate the store and leave a review. A dynamic banner displays the store's current rating and leads to the page with users' reviews.

  2. Select the banner's appearance and size.

  3. Copy the banner code to put it on your site pages.

Rules of agitation

If you are encouraging users to leave reviews of your store, you need to follow the rules of agitation:

  • You may only agitate established customers, meaning users who have already completed a purchase in your store.

  • You may not agitate customers selectively: during the entire promotion period, you must inform all customers of the ability to leave a review and of bonuses, if offered.

  • It is forbidden to encourage only positive reviews.

Yandex.Market reserves the right to check whether agitation is being handled correctly. If violations of the rules are found, the store's rating will be removed for 12 weeks.

2. Respond to reviews

It is very important not only that you get feedback from users, but that they see your reaction. For this purpose, we have given you the ability to respond to users' reviews. After getting a response to his review, the user can continue discussing the situation.

You can delete only the last response from your correspondence with the user, if this is necessary. Responses that already have comments from users cannot be edited or deleted.

If a user reported a complaint on the store's response, such as the response contains insults and offensive language, the quality control team moderates the issue and decides whether the response can be removed.

Recommendations for improving the rating:

  • Pay particular attention to communication with customers. Users like it when the employee speaks correctly and politely, and these users are highly likely to leave a positive review.

  • Monitor the quality of the product you are offering and its transportation, so customers do not complain about scratches and dents.

  • Improve your delivery service: polite couriers that arrive on time and are willing to adapt to the customer's needs are a common theme in reviews.

  • Keep the product descriptions on your website up to date.

  • Track product stock so the products on the website are available.

  • Pay attention to customer service after the sale (maintenance under warranty or returns).

  • Pay attention to the usability of your website.

For answers to frequently asked questions about ratings, see the section FAQ / Reviews and Ratings.

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