How to correctly construct an offer for Yandex.Market in the Игрушки category

Selecting and purchasing toys over the internet has its own special requirements. In this category of products, customers value having quality product photos, including different angles and colors, as well as information about the materials the product is made from.

In categories in the "Toys" section, as in other popular categories, product profiles are used. The profile includes all possible variations of the model, along with offers from different stores.

For product offers to be published in the correct categories of the Игрушки section on Yandex.Market and be associated with the correct product profiles, you need to follow the recommendations below:

Product offer title

The form of the product offer title depends on the type of offer — simplified or custom — and also on the category.

Recommendations for all categories in Игрушки other than the categories Конструкторы and Железные дороги:

  • For the simplified type of offer, the <name> element should specify the product type and model name.

    <name>игрушка для купания “Бегемотик”<name>
  • For a custom offer type, we recommend specifying the elements <typePrefix> (type of product), <vendor> (manufacturer), and <model> (model name).

    <vendor>Tiny love</vendor>
Example of an incorrect offer title:
 <model>Игрушка SWITEL BC320</model>
Correct versions for this offer:
  • for a custom offer type

    <typePrefix>ночник для кроватки</typePrefix>
  • for the simplified offer type

    <name>Ночник для кроватки SWITEL BC320<name>

Recommendations for the Конструкторы and Железные дороги categories:

  • For the simplified type of offer, the <name> element should specify the product type, manufacturer name, model name, series name, and article.
  • For a custom type of offer, the <model> element should specify the product type, manufacturer name, model name, series name, and article.


For a product offer in the Игрушки category, you must specify the manufacturer or brand name using the <vendor> element.

Если наименованием производителя является достаточно общее и распространенное слово, например, «Малыш», то к наименованию необходимо добавить тип компании (юридического лица), например, ООО «Малыш».

Attention. If the manufacturer is not specified, the product offer will not be associated with the product profile and will only be available through the search.

Manufacturer's code

We recommend specifying the manufacturer's code using the <vendorCode> element. This element is optional, but it helps us more accurately associate the product offer with a product profile.

Manufacturer's product line

If the "manufacturer's line" characteristic is applicable to the product offer, you must specify the product line (series) under which it was released by the manufacturer. To pass information about the product line, use the <param name="Линейка"></param> element.

<param name="Линейка">Duplo</param>.
<param name="Линейка">NERF Элит</param>


For all product offers in the Игрушки section, the "Age" parameter is essential. To pass information about what age the product offer is intended for, use the <param name="Возраст"></param> element.

  • for babies from birth to 2 years old (0-24 mos)
    <param name="Возраст от" unit=”лет”>0</param>
    <param name="Возраст до" unit=”лет”>2</param>
  • for babies 6 months and up (6 mos +)
    <param name="Возраст от" unit=”месяцев”>6</param>
  • for babies from 1.5 to 2 years old (18-24 mos)
    <param name="Возраст от" unit=”месяцев”>18</param>
    <param name="Возраст до" unit=”месяцев”>24</param>
  • for children ages 2 to 5 years (2-5)
    <param name="Возраст от" unit=”лет”>2</param>
    <param name="Возраст до" unit=”лет”>5</param>
  • for children 2 years and up (2+)
    <param name="Возраст от" unit=”лет”>2</param>


To pass information about what gender the product offer is intended for, use the <param name="Пол"></param> element. Acceptable element values: Женский and Мужской.

<offer id="12342" type="vendor.model" available="true" bid="13">
  <param name="Пол">Женский</param>


For product offers in the Игрушки category, you must include at least one image of the product. In this category, as in other Yandex.Market categories, you can upload multiple images for a single product offer (but not more than 10). In addition, there is a feature for uploading large-size images for viewing enlarged images in Yandex.Market search and in product profiles. The size of these images must be at least 600 pixels on any side.

When uploading images, we recommending following these guidelines:

  • Do not put information on the image about the model price or discounts, name of the brand or store, phone number of the store, or other distracting texts.

  • The main product image should be specified first in the list of images in the product offer description. The first image in the list is considered the default image and will be used as the product image in placement positions. Other images specified for this product will be available in the enlarged viewing mode for the product.

  • Publish an image of the product in the same color as is indicated in the offer description (for example, a brown plush toy should not have a picture of the same toy in a green color).

  • The main image should show the product in its entirety, and not a separate part of it. A photo of a detail on the product is better placed in the extra images.

  • Use product images on a light background. Images on transparent backgrounds are not accepted.


To pass information about what material the product is made from, use the <param name="Материал"></param> element. If you need to set several types of materials, values can be comma-separated.

<param name="Материал">текстиль, пластмасса</param>

Link to the offer on your website

For different color-size combinations of a single model (for example, a plush toy in 3 colors and 2 sizes), we recommend setting different URL addresses for each of the model options, but setting the same URL for all the combinations is allowed. In the first case, users who have selected a color and size of the model on Yandex.Market can go to the product page on your site with the color and size already set. We recommend forming links with consideration for the color and size indicated in the product offer, such as

Additional information

The product offer description may contain additional information describing this offer. Use the <param> element with the name attribute indicating the name of the extra information, and the element itself indicating the value.

  • toy property — ЭКО, развивающая, интерактивная and so on.

    <param name="Свойство игрушки">Развивающая</param>
    <param name="Свойство игрушки">ЭКО</param>
  • dimensions — ширина, высота, вес and so on.

    <param name="Ширина" unit="см">8</param>
    <param name="Высота" unit="см">12</param>
    <param name="Вес" unit="кг">1,6</param>

Examples of uploading offers

Simplified offer type

<offer id="123456" available="true">
  <name>автокресло Maxi-cosi cabriofix dark blue 0-13 кг</name>
  <description>Maxi-cosi cabriofix;Группа 0+ (с рождения до 13 кг, приблизительно 
до 1 года). Устанавливается против хода движения с помощью базовых ремней безопасности 
автомобиля, соответствующих положению № 16 ЕЭК или равноценному стандарту. 
Maxi-cosi cabriofix может использоваться в сочетании с базами maxi-cosi 
easyfix и maxi-cosi easybase</description>

Custom product type (vendor.model)

<offer id="123457" type="vendor.model" available="true" bid="10">
  <typePrefix>Мяч волейбольный двухслойный</typePrefix>
  <vendor>Tata Pak Industries</vendor>
  <model>Soft Beach</model>
  <param name="Вес" unit="кг">0.3</param>
  <param name="quantity">5</param>