How to correctly construct an offer for Yandex.Market in the “Роликовые коньки” category

In order for the system to associate your offer on Yandex.Market with the product profile, the product offer title must specify:

  • manufacturer (vendor)

  • model name

  • season (production year)

  • intended use

Please refer to our suggestions about how best to specify these parameters. Note that the offer title must specify all of the listed parameters. Defining them correctly increases the likelihood that the system will associate the product with the correct product profile.

Manufacturer (vendor) — Brand name. Do not confuse this with the company name that the brand belongs to, because the same company may manufacture products under several different brand names. For example, the company CK produces rollerblades with the brands CK, MAXCITY, and ROLLER DERBY. To the system, all these brand names are different vendors.

Model name — Full name of the model of rollerblades.

Season (production year) is the season for the range of models from this manufacturer. The season should always be specified, except when:

  • The manufacturer doesn't use the season and all names are different.

  • The unique article number is specified, which is the model name.

Назначение — модификация модели в зависимости от пола и возраста покупателей или других характеристик. Если модель предназначена для женщин, это необходимо отразить в наименовании товарного предложения, добавив соответствующее уточнение (например, “Women”, “Lady” или “женские” ). Мужские и подростковые модели относятся к классу универсальных, в наименовании необходимо добавить “Men” или “Unisex”. Модели для детей должны иметь в наименовании уточнение детские.

  • Manufacturer: Fila.

  • Model: Primatist XT.

  • Intended for: Women.

  • Season: 2010.

Examples of offer titles that are recognized by the system and are put in product profiles look like this:

Роликовые коньки Fila Primatist XT Women 2010 
Fila Primatist XT Lady 2010
Fila Primatist XT Women’10
Fila Primatist XT женские 2010
Fila Primatist XT Pure 2010
Fila Primatist XT Le 2010

If the rollerblades are expandable, and different wheels are put on depending on the size, it is important to indicate the wheel diameter in the parameters, so the offer will be recognized for the specific modification of the rollerblade model.

Роликовые коньки Fila X-One 2010 72 mm
Fila X-One‘10 72 mm
Fila X-One детские 2010 72 mm
Fila X-One раздвижные 2010 72 mm

Common errors

  1. Season was omitted.

    Powerslide Phuzion D1 Men
    Fila Primo 90 Women

    The system cannot associate the offer with a product profile due to incomplete data. Correct offer title with the season indicated:

    Powerslide Phuzion D1 Men 2011
    Fila Primo 90 Women 2009
  2. Intended use was omitted.

    Powerslide Phuzion D1 2011
    Fila Primo 90 2009

    These offers will not be recognized by the system because there are women's and men's (all-purpose) models.