How to correctly construct an offer for Yandex.Market in the “Ванны” category

In order for the system to associate your offer on Yandex.Market with the product profile, you must specify:

  • manufacturer

  • model or line

  • size, if the range of models has several sizes

  • set contents in terms used by the manufacturer

All these parameters are required and they must be specified in the product offer title.

You may additionally specify options included (for example: Albatros Movia 167 Digit ACDEX-S, or Albatros Movia 167 Idropool ACEX).

Details about contents (free-standing, acrylic, custom shape, corner design, volume, hydro-massage, electronic controls, and so on) should be put in the description.

  • Manufacturer: Balteco.

  • Model range: Rhea.

  • Size range: 15, 16, 17 (150 cm, 160 cm or 170 cm).

  • Five types of options are provided for: normal bathtub (S1), Aero (S2), Hydro (S3), Combi (S4), and Hydro Lux (S5).

In this case, offers should look like this:

Balteco Rhea 15 (S1)
Balteco Rhea 15 Аэро (S2)
Balteco Rhea 15 Гидро (S3)
Balteco Rhea 15 Комби (S4)
Balteco Rhea 15 Гидро Люкс (S5)


Balteco Rhea 15 (S1)
Balteco Rhea 15 (S2)
Balteco Rhea 15 (S3)
Balteco Rhea 15 (S4) 
Balteco Rhea 15 (S5)

Common errors

Parameters are incomplete.

Balteco Rhea 15

For the Balteco Rhea bathtub, the S1 option does not have a name, in contrast to Aero (S2), Hydro (S3), and others. So the configuration “Balteco Rhea 15” without the “S1” designation is not recognized by the system.