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I got an error message. What should we do?

You will find information about the error in the message: the product offer and the type of problem and how it was detected (by a test order over the phone or using the shopping cart, or visually).

If the problem is connected to a particular product offer, depending on the type of error, you should:

  • Make sure the price and product status on Market is the same as on the store's website.

  • Check whether orders are accepted and confirmed correctly.

  • Check whether the store uploads identical products from different sections of the website or from different suppliers.

For detailed information on possible errors, see the section Common types of errors.

After resolving the error, go the page Отчет по качеству in the Контроль качества menu in the Partner interface, and click the

  • Исправлено button, if your store is already a Yandex.Market partner.

  • Отправить на проверку button, if your store has not passed verification yet before being enabled.

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