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Reviews and Ratings

Review is untruthful and described a situation that did not actually happen

If you believe a user's review is not true and should be removed, send us an official letter with the director's signature (or signature of an authorized representative) and seal. The letter must state the ID of the review (it is shown next to each review in the Yandex.Market Partner interface), and list the reasons why the review should be rejected. Send a scanned copy of the letter to the Support service. The appeal is considered if less than 30 days have passed since the review was published.

If the event described in the review did actually happen, but your store and the user have different perspectives on what took place, Yandex does not take sides and will not remove the review. We recommend resolving the situation by discussing it with the user.

A review was published but then disappeared

This could happen for several reasons:

  • The user deleted the review.

  • The user edited the review and it is currently being moderated.

  • The review was identified as spam.

We only give information regarding specific deleted reviews to the authors of those reviews.

How is the store's rating calculated?

The store's rating is determined by ratings from users over the last 90 days, how many user ratings were made, and results of verification by the quality control team. For more information about calculating the rating, see the section How ratings are calculated.

My store doesn't have a rating. Why?

  1. The store was just recently published.

    A store gets a rating after it has been published on Yandex.Market for 30 days.

  2. The store has been disabled for more than 30 days.

    The rating is not published if the store has been disabled for more than 30 days.

  3. The rating is falsified.

    Your store's rating might be falsified in either a positive or negative direction. In this case, the store's rating is removed. After being removed, the rating can be published again after 12 weeks have passed.

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