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Does Yandex.Market offer any protection from clicks on product offers made by competitors?

Yandex.Market charges for each unique click. As protection against invalid clicks (dishonest or mistaken clicks), we use a multi-step technology that includes both automatic and manual filtration methods. Clicks that are determined to be invalid are not counted in statistics reports, and the store's account is not charged for them.

If you believe your store's statistics include dishonest clicks or the data looks suspicious, contact the Support service with the campaign number and the period of time during which you believe dishonest clicks were made, along with a link to the product offer if you suspect click falsification for a specific product. If your suspicions are confirmed, the money will be promptly refunded to the store's account.

My store gets too many clicks. What should we do?

You can regulate the number of clicks by reducing the number of offers from your store published on Yandex.Market, or by avoiding priority placement for your offers.

My store doesn't get enough clicks. What should we do?

Try to more actively pursue priority placement for your offers on Yandex.Market.

Also try using different types of advertising on Yandex:

  1. A media ad — one format of contextual advertising — is a banner sized 200x300 or 240x400 pixels that is displayed to the right of the search results list.

  2. A banner (sized 200x300 or 728x90 pixels) is placed on the Yandex.Market home page or on catalog pages.

My store's pictures are not shown next to offers. What's wrong?

The size of graphical data to load is much larger than the size of YML files, so the pictures that go with product offers get to the Yandex.Market database after some delay. Wait a bit, and the pictures will show up.

What size should pictures be?

There are no restrictions on image size. Preferably, the size should be no smaller than 100x100 pixels.

I want to publish my store on Yandex.Market, but I can't meet your technical requirements and prepare a YML file. Can you help me?

Try talking to your store's developers. They might be able to help. In general, you don't need a programmer's qualifications to prepare data for exporting to Yandex.Market. Anyone who is familiar with XML can help you make the YML file.

My product assortment has expanded. When will the new offers appear on Market?

Data is updated on Yandex.Market every 2-4 hours. Your new offers will appear soon.

Products in my store were not updated. What should we do?

Check the uploading report. In the Partner interface, go to the Отчет по индексации page in the Ассортимент menu. Most likely, your price list had an error. In this case, the system uses the previous correct price list with data.

Is there anything different about displaying product offers in Belarusia or Kazakhstan?

Product offers related to certain subjects might not be shown in the Republic of Belarus and/or the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with legislation in these countries.

For more information about rules for publishing ads with geotargeting for the Republic of Kazakhstan, see the Requirements for advertising materials.

In the Republic of Belarus, legislation requires that offers related to the following subjects are excluded: medicinal products; medical services; medical devices; veterinary services; nutritional supplements; infant formula; offers for alcohol and tobacco products; realty services; study and work abroad.

If you believe the subject of your offer was determined incorrectly, contact the Support service.

My store provides products and services that are subject to mandatory certification, registration, and/or licensing. What documents do I need to provide?

Advertisements for certain products and services is restricted by current legislation. The section Providing documents when advertising special types of products or services lists the documents that you must provide for placing advertisements if the advertised products or services are subject to mandatory certification, registration, and/or licensing.

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