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Complaints about an ad

What should I do if I have a complaint about an ad published on Yandex.Market?

According to the conditions of the Yandex.Market offer of services, advertisers choose the contents and publishing conditions for their ads and carry responsibility for their adherence to the law. Consequently, if you have complaints about an ad published on Yandex.Market, please contact the advertiser who published it.

If you want to also inform Yandex, you can send us an official letter at: 119021, Moscow, ul. L'va Tolstovo, 16, Yandex LLC. The letter should state:

  • The name of your organization, including the legal form (or your full name).

  • A description of the specific ad that caused you to send your letter, including: the text of the ad, the website it links to, and, if important to the situation, details of publication such as keywords, targeting, and so on.

  • A description of the reasons you consider the specified ad to be inappropriate, with references to regulations of current legislation and documents supporting your position.

Sign the letter and attach copies of the documents you refer to, as well as a document verifying the authority of the person signing the document.

We guarantee that your letters will be reviewed. As the result of the review, we will take all possible steps in the power of Yandex to resolve the situation. Keep in mind that Yandex, as a distributor of advertising, is restricted by law in its ability to exert influence over the situation.

What should I do if it seems that an advertiser is fraudulent (is performing illegal activities)?

Yandex has the right to check whether an ad conforms to the requirements of the law, within the authority given to Yandex by the law as an advertising distributor. However, Yandex cannot confirm or refute your assumptions about an advertiser's wrongdoing or criminal activity; this is the job of law enforcement and judicial organizations. Please contact them with your complaint.

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