Plain text (CSV) format

A plain text file with separators (for example: CSV, TSV) is a universal format that is used to generate a price list from databases or spreadsheet editors (such as, for example, Excel, OpenOffice or Google Docs).

Requirements for price lists that are submitted in plain text format

  1. Each line in the file should correspond to a single row in the spreadsheet.

  2. The columns are separated by either a comma or semicolon (CSV), or a tab (TSV).

  3. Each line in the file should contain a description of a single product.

  4. The first line must contain the names of elements used to describe the products.

  5. The file must be UTF-8 encoded.

  6. Delimited formats don't allow you to use tabs or line breaks inside data fields.

  7. The file should not contain empty columns.

  8. There is no set order that elements must follow, but they must be kept in the same order within a single file.

File validation

The following conditions are checked when the file is read:

  • All element names are valid.

  • All mandatory elements are present.

  • Each element occurs only once.

If any of these conditions is not met, the file is rejected.

Differences between CSV and YML formats

  • Delimited formats do not allow you to send product characteristics used to filter Yandex.Market search results.

  • This format also doesn't allow you to indicate your currency conversion conditions. Prices displayed in your local currency will be converted to rubles and back using the current exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

  • In YML format, categories are uploaded as a tree, whereas in delimited formats categories are in a flat list.