Drafting a price list

Price list is a file with data about all products you plan to advertise on Yandex.Market. The file must comply with the Yandex.Market rules.


Price list formats valid for Yandex.Market:

It is more difficult to make a price list in YML format than in CSV one. However, YML provides more opportunities and benefits.

Ways to draft a price list

You can make a price list using one of these methods:

Draft it using special software.

You can use special software (third-party or self-developed) to:

  • Export data from your database and create a file in the appropriate format.

  • Convert an existing price list to a file of the appropriate format and type.

This is a time-consuming method. It is suitable if you plan to:

  • Place a wide range of products on Yandex.Market.

  • Update the data on Yandex.Market frequently and automatically.

Draft a price list manually.

You can make a price list manually, for example, using Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice. This method is simple. It is suitable if:

  • You only plan to place a small range of products on Yandex.Market.

  • You cannot automatically upload product information from your system in a format valid for Yandex.Market.

The disadvantage of this method is that you will have to keep the price list up-to-date and upload the updated price list to Yandex.Market on your own at least once every 30 days.

Ways to send a price list

You can send the price list to Yandex.Market using one of these methods:

Upload it in your personal account on Yandex.Market.

In this case, you should update the file at least once every 30 days. The maximum file size is 100 MB.

Post the price list on the website.

The Yandex.Market robot will regularly download the file using the link you specified in your personal account. This method allows you to frequently and automatically update your store's assortment on Yandex.Market (several times a day).

For example, you can set up automatic uploads of your price list from the store's system (CRM, CMS). You can use a dynamic price list file that is generated when the Yandex.Market robot accesses it (a very resource-intensive approach). You can also use a static file that is updated regularly when certain events happen, such as each time that your store database is updated.

The file must be accessible via HTTP or HTTPS. If you use a Cyrillic link to your file, it must be accessible via HTTP.


We already have a price list, can we use it?

Most likely, not. The price list must be composed according to the Yandex.Market rules in a specific format (YML or CSV ).

Can Yandex.Market collect product data from the store's website itself?

No, it can't. Yandex.Market does not collect product data from your website. You need to make a price list yourself.

Yandex.Market can automatically download the price list you have made from your website.